Friday, August 22, 2008

Amps in a box... and a free pedal for you

So over the last few months we've been working our ass' off on a few different signature pedals, and along the way we found some serious tones. For example- while prototyping the Jason Becker pedal we built a Marshall™ Plexi based distortion box. We built it to compare/contrast the differences, and see if we could get the Becker tone. While it didn’t hit what we wanted for the JB pedal, it was a killer Plexi sounding pedal.
That said- we will be releasing it as part of our amp in a box type line. No, we wont use that phrase as its been used to death, but you get the idea- we'll take a rare or expensive amp and cram its characteristics into a 4.7"x3.7" box.
How does this benefit you? Well- if you cant drop $2500 for a Plexi head, maybe you can swing $250 for a stomp box that will get you really fuckin' close and keep you in the ANALOG REALM instead of dealing with digital gobbledygook.

The Plexi tone will be just the start- We've got our eyes on probably 3 more, but I'll keep those quiet for now… heres a hint- one will be the 2nd color of a rainbow.

So your assignment- help us come up with a better phrase than 'amp in a box'- if we like your idea enough we'll adopt it, and give you a free pedal for your trouble.

Take care!

Pro Tone Pedals

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Rusty Cooley Rocks the Jason Becker Distortion Prototype

We've got some video footage of Rusty Cooley testing the release candidate circuit on our YouTube page. Check em out- the pedal really nails the Marshall tone of that era!

Secondly, there has been some change to the configuration... Rather than a low gain overdrive feeding the distortion circuit, we reversed it- the distortion feeding into a low gain overdrive/booster. Sounds amazing!

Pro Tone Pedals

And now for the tacky, yet required, part of the blog...
We are anticipating extremely high demand for this pedal. You can pre-order the unit here with a $100 deposit. When yours is in the build queue an invoice for the balance will be sent.