Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Hey gang... we're looking for an Ampeg Sub Blaster pedal.

If you have one and want to sell it, let me know. If you know a shop that has one, let me know. If you know of a site online with one, let me know...



Monday, April 27, 2009

Hot Sauce!

So this is TOTALLY off the topic of guitars and effects pedals... well sort of. The legendary guitarist Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein has a signature hot sauce produced by the super spooky guys over at Haunted Hot Sauce, and I gotta tell ya... its amazing!
In this day and age where everyone forgets that FLAVOR is important in hot sauce Doyles Made In Hell reminds us that flavor is more important than heat. Sure, Doyles has some kick to it, but the flavor is what makes you come back for more and more. I had an opportunity to talk to Doyle about music, gear, and hot sauce this afternoon and I told him I liked that it had, for lack of a better term, an Italian zing to it, Doyle responded with "that's because I made them add Basil"!

Obviously I'm no food critic, but I love me some hot sauce, and Doyles Made In Hell is to die for.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Got a question for Rusty Cooley, Jeff Loomis, Richie Kotzen, John 5, or Jason Becker?

Got a question for Rusty Cooley, Jeff Loomis, Richie Kotzen, John 5, or Jason Becker? SEND IT TO US!

Pro Tone Pedals will be conducting an historic 'round table' discussion with the dream team of shred Jason Becker, Jeff Loomis, John 5, Richie Kotzen, and Rusty Cooley for an upcoming Pro Tone podcast! Submit your questions to ASK@PROTONEPEDALS.COM and we just might use it on the show.

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